The College Endowment was established by Council to deliver a material and growing source of unfettered funds for the academic mission. It does this by managing those assets not core to the academic mission with a purely investment focus. In addition, it manages funds endowed to the College to maximise their long term contribution to the academic mission.

The Endowment has a separate governance structure, under which authority is delegated from Council to a separately constituted Endowment Board which reports direct to Council. The Board has significant representation by non-executive members, independent from the operational activities of the College, with a focus on market experience and expertise consistent with the Endowment’s primary areas of investment. The Board’s independent non-executive chairman is Nick Moakes.

Assets are managed by the Endowment Board under three portfolios:

In addition, the Endowment operates a series of cash accounts as straight forward deposit accounts for College, Faculties and Departments to deposit funds either prior to investment in the Unitised Scheme or to hold on deposit in the short to medium term (less than 5 years). These cash accounts are not actively managed by the Endowment and return the College’s corporate deposit rate.