ISSF Springboard Fellowships 2018/2019

Replacing the ISSF Faculty Fellowships, the ISSF Springboard Fellowships provide funding help with the career progression and retention of outstanding early career researchers. Funding in partnership with Departments, these awards are intended as short-term fellowships to enable these researchers to acquire preliminary data and develop the independence required to be competitive for future external fellowship applications.  

These fellowships are open to researchers across ALL Faculties in College, to undertake research within the science remit of the Wellcome Trust. Researchers from disciplines outside of biomedicine can apply for funding, provided the project is within this remit. 

Multidisciplinary applications are strongly encouraged. We also encourage applications from female scientists and scientists from diverse backgrounds who are currently underrepresented in this scheme.

"The fellowship covers salary costs PLUS up to £15,000 for consumables. e.g. £35,000 salary + £9,000 consumables = £17,500 + £4,500 to be paid from the department and £17,500 + £4,500 to be paid from ISSF. There are usually 2-3 awards per call."

For further information and eligibility, please read the ISSF Springboard Fellowships Guidelines 2018-19 (April 2019) (Imperial login required).  The next call for applications will be February/March 2019. 

The Application Deadline is: Wednesday 17 April 2019 (12.00 noon)

Departments are expected to make a 50% contribution to the award. All applications must be discussed with the relevant Departmental Manager prior to submission.
The deadline for departmental signoff is 27 March 2019

ISSF Springboard Fellowships 2018/2019

How to Apply

Applications must comprise of the following:

  1. A completed ISSF Springboard Fellowships Application Form (April 2019 call).
  2. Letter of support from the host/supervisor
  3. Letter of support from the Head of Department/Division.
  4. Applicants must send costings information (completed on InfoEd) to Sarah Essilfie-Quaye (
    1. InfoEds should not have been formally submitted prior to submitting an application, but must have been agreed in outline by the appropriate department(s)                                                        i. An e-mail signifying approval will suffice and must be attached to the InfoEd application.
    2. A confirmation email from and a copy of your InfoEd recovery page must be included in your application. ‘Recovery’ on InfoEd must have the 50% charge and ‘Institution Contribution’ the other 50%.  All costs can be inflated.

 Please note: you are required to contact your department to seek departmental approval before 27 March 2019.

How to Submit

  • Convert items 1-4 to PDF and combine into a single document in that order.
    > Name the file appropriately: Your_Name_ISSFSpringboardFellowship_Application_April_2019

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines
Departmental DeadlineApplication Deadline Decision Expected 
 28 September  2018   18 October 2018 (12.00 noon)  20 November 2018
 27 March 2019  17 April 2019 (12 noon)  w/c 27 May 2019
You are required to contact your department to seek departmental approval before 27 March 2019
Interested applicants should discuss their application with their departmental contact before Friday 28th September 2018

Departmental Contacts

Faculty of Engineering

Head of Research Strategy Development: Jane Williams

Finance: Amrik Thethi

Faculty of Medicine

Department of Medicine: Chrystalla Orphanides (

National Heart and Lung Institute: Alun Owen (

Department of Surgery and Cancer:

Surgery: Tony Tarragona (

Cancer/Reproductive and Developmental Biology:  Shirley Line (

Integrative Systems Medicine and Digestive Disease: Tammy Barrett (

Institute of Clinical Sciences:  Peter Norsworthy (

School of Public Health: Lyndsey Pallant (

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Maths: Svanidze, Rusudan

Physics Hayward, Louise
*Physics are not participating in the April 2019 call

CEP: Lyle, Karen R

Grantham: Rosivatz, Erika  cc Read, Laila A

Chemistry: Kelly, Patrick E (maternity cover)

Life Sciences: Bowman, Richard

Imperial College Business School

Head of Research Support: Dr David Wilson

Research Support Manager: Ross Clark

ISSF Springboard Fellowships 2018/2019 Documents

For further information and eligibility, please read the ISSF Springboard Fellowships Guidelines 2018-19 (April 2019). (Imperial login required)  

Please complete the  ISSF Springboard Fellowships Application Form (April 2019 call) and submit to‌ before 12.00noon on Wednesday 17th April 2019. (Imperial login required)