Managing Imperial-led research projects to maximise impact.

Delivering success

The Research Project Management team has a strong track record of delivering programmes from initiation and proposal - to operational delivery, promotion and conclusion. 

The Research Project Management team undertake project management, dissemination and communications for large collaborative research projects led by Imperial College London’s academics.

Our experienced team use a proven project management framework to manage and deliver results, quickly and effectively. We go on to promote your work, to ensure maximum exposure.

We have successfully secured and are delivering major EU and government-funded research projects. Our current projects total upwards of €60 million with over 50 partners across Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas,.

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New €22.5million project to diagnose infections in under two hours: DIAMONDS

Petri dish As we have done for EUCLIDS and PERFORM (precursor EU-Funded research projects), the Research Project Management office will support Prof. Levin in consortium management across this €22.5million, 5-year project. Diagnosis and Management of Febrile Illness using RNA Personalised Molecular Signature Diagnosis (DIAMONDS) aims to develop a rapid test to diagnose severe illnesses, using personalised gene signatures. Funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020) the fourth major EU-funded project lead by Prof. Mike Levin from the Department of Infectious Disease. 

Read the press release on DIAMONDS.


Updated 18th February 2020. A new notice has been added to confirm that the UK continues to be eligible to receive funding from EU programmes under the long-term EU budget for 2014-2020.

"General notice for UK applicants: In conformity with the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement*, the UK and persons or entities established in the UK continue to be eligible to receive Union funds under actions carried out in direct, indirect or shared management, which implement Union programmes and activities committed under the MFF 2014-2020 until the closure of those Union programmes and activities. Restrictions may, however, apply for security-related reasons or concerning financial instruments. When such restrictions apply, these will be clearly specified in the call for proposals.
* Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community"

President Alice Gast has repeatedly affirmed, “Imperial is, and will remain, a European university”. The Research Project Management office encourage and we support Imperial researchers to continue to apply for European research funding.

For further information on EU research funding at Imperial, including Horizon2020, please visit the Imperial and the European Union page.

Our projects out and about:

screengrab of youtube video thumbnailEAVI2020 webinar – Developing an effective #HIV vaccine: what do we need and when will we get there?
Researchers from EAVI2020 – a €23 million EU-funded research initiative to accelerate the search for an effective HIV vaccine – tackled these challenging questions in a roundtable discussion as part of EAVI2020’s annual meeting in October 2019.


People talking in groups around tablesEAVI2020, EDEN2020, PERFORM and PRESTIGE-AF on show at the European Researchers' Night in London

Another EU-funded inititative, The European Researchers’ Night was hosted at the Natural History Museum in London. Its doors were opened after hours for a festival of scientific exploration. For the Research Project Management Office it was the opportunity to bring our four Horizon 2020 research projects EAVI2020, EDEN2020, PERFORM, and PRESTIGE-AF into the interconnectivity.

Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019 bannerEDEN2020 and PERFORM dive into The Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

We had the absolute privilege to support EDEN2020 and PERFORM, our EU-funded research projects, as they exhibited at The Great Exhibition Road Festival.