Profiles: Graduate Entrepreneurs 2017-18

GE Profiles

Art of Kindness

Company: Art of Kindness

  • Name: Devika Sarin
  • Nationality: UNITED STATES
  • Degree: MBA

Art of Kindness is a new marketplace for art, where artists and collectors can discover, exhibit, buy, and sell art while giving to a cause they love. A portion from the sale proceeds are given to one of our social impact partners from all over the world. We share the same proceeds from the sale of the artwork that would ordinarily be “fees” in the traditional art market. 

Art of Kindness is utilizing the intangible qualities and financial value of art to write a new chapter in the story of the art piece. This new story includes you, the artist or collector, the art work, and the champion for social good. It will be shared on our platform, as a unique Art of Kindness experience.



Company: Nutribloc

  • Name: Suresh Jones and Yvette Hakim
  • Nationality: UNITED STATES
  • Degree: MBA

NutriBloc is intelligent eating. NutriBloc is an all-natural, compact block of plant-based protein powder that dissolves in liquid creating a tasty and satisfying drinkable snack. Each block is pre-portioned, individually wrapped for convenience, and portable for on the go use. 

With a simple goal of bringing together a community interested in wellness, NutriBloc will not only engineer a unique product, but build a stylish brand and platform for people with goals to improve health, and inform interests in sustainability, food, travel, and fashion. The way we eat is changing and NutriBloc shares Imperial’s vision of using innovation and entrepreneurial skills to tackle future challenges.



Company: Drip

  • Name: Aditya Sakhuja
  • Nationality: INDIA
  • Degree: MEng Electronic and Information Engineering

DRIP is the only customer operated smart alcohol dispensing solution for high-volume nightclubs and bars. 

Bringing the power of data analytics and automation to the nightlife industry, DRIP is disrupting the market with a product that not only reduces a venue’s operational costs by over 30% but also increases sales potential by over 15%. Dubbed “THE product for nightclubs around the world” by industry experts, DRIP enables customers to order, pay and receive up to 8 drinks in under a minute.

DRIP is currently gearing up to hit the affluent drinking market of Dubai and conceiving its global launch in London in early 2018.


GE Profiles


Company: WithLula

  • Name: Aaron Koshy
  • Nationality: INDIA
  • Degree: Innovation Design Engineering 

The design and use of sanitary products has remained stale with little innovation. WithLula is rethinking the whole approach to periods by modernising and streamlining the process for each user. A bespoke box of biodegradable, bioinspired and leakproof products for the entire month delivered through the front door, before each period. No more pharmacy runs. No more leaking. No more one-size-fits-all.

Everything comes together on the app, which uses our learning algorithm to learn cycles, patterns and needs for each user, to customise their experience. Not only are the products personalised to size, absorbency and period length, but relevant NHS health notifications are shown on the integrated calendar.


Gut Face

Company: Gut Face

  • Name: Ahreum Jung
  • Nationality: UNITED STATES
  • Degree: Innovation Design Engineering 

Between the binary opposites of fresh and rotten exists a creative space in which some of the most unique and compelling tastes arise. This creative space is fermentation.  In order to boost our immune systems and minimise antibiotics that can create more lethal strains of harmful bacteria, we need to reintegrate fermentation into our lives. This is what we believe. We are Gut Face. Gut face is a team of multi-disciplinary designers shaping the future of food security and systems. 

One of our products, The Brinery, is an at-home fermentation vessel and guide that revives the ancient art of fermentation by making the process much simpler and much more attractive to the mainstream.



Company: ApTap

  • Name: Nadal Sarkytbayev
  • Nationality: KAZAKHSTAN
  • Degree: MSc Physics 

ApTap empowers people to optimise and control their subscriptions and bills in order to change the way the current industry operates. We envision a future where technology is integrated to more naturally benefit people. ApTap is an all-encompassing bill and subscriptions tool that enhances your experience and enables you to be a step ahead of your finances, by providing instant access and control over a world of services, with just a tap. 

We give you control, helping you visualise, cancel, sign up and share any of your bills, from TV to Energy and anything in between. Together we are going to revolutionise the subscription industry to give you access and control to world services with just a tap. 




Company: BioStealth

  • Name: Israel Gbati
  • Nationality: GHANA
  • Degree: Global Innovation Design 

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death worldwide (17 million deaths every year). In the UK alone there are about 7 million people living with cardiovascular diseases and many others living with undiagnosed cardiovascular diseases. Take High Blood Pressure for instance, there are about 5.5 million adults in England living with undiagnosed high blood pressure and the only way majority of these people become aware is when their condition leads to a much more serious condition such as heart attack, stroke or even death. Most people often end up with cardiovascular diseases because the symptoms are not detected early enough and some cardiovascular conditions have no symptoms at all. 

We are building a completely non-invasive solution at bioStealth to monitor people’s cardiovascular health and catch cardiovascular diseases. Users do not need to wear a device, turn on a device or even think about it.



Company: Ideabatic

  • Name: Kitty Liao
  • Nationality: TAIWAN
  • Degree: Physics

Ideabatic is an award-winning start-up aiming to help people with engineering innovation. At Ideabatic, we are driven by a single goal: giving every person a chance at life. According to the WHO, 20-80% of vaccines are damaged in the crucial 'last mile' of their journey, from cold storage to rural areas. Current vaccine carriers are, at best, inefficient cool boxes. They can only keep vaccines cold for 10 hours whereas ‘last-mile’ journeys take up to 7 days. We are developing SMILE – a smart last-mile vaccine carrier aiming to achieve a close to 0% vaccine wastage.

?SMILE has won multiple innovation awards including the Expo 2020 Innovation Impact Grant, MassChallenge Start-up Award and the Next Generation Global Health Innovation Award. The team consists of individuals with backgrounds in engineering, design, medicine and business from University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and industry. We are also collaborating with immunisation and cold-chain experts in Nigeria and South Africa. The team is seeking funding to accelerate development and partnerships for field tests to optimise the design. 



Company: SafeEAse

  • Name: Yaqing Wei
  • Nationality: CHINA
  • Degree: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management

SafeEase is an app with a safety map and alerts to keep users safe for the journey. Unlike most map apps only offering fast routes from A to B, SafeEase presents users the safe and fast routes based on real crime data and street lighting conditions. In an emergency, users can send out an SOS alarm with their real-time location to all contacts in a single click.

We believe prevention is better than cure. SafeEase prepares users to be safe for every journey. The team is seeking funding to accelerate the development and launch, and one more app developer and UI designer to join us.